Delve into ergonomic solutions and expertise with us: meet our skilled team, explore Blively for ergonomic program management, utilize PoseChecker for AI-driven motion analysis, and discover our pioneering special projects on exoskeletons. All these and more, right here.

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Learn how to improve your sleep, the benefits of doing so, and how this impacts other areas of your life such as work.

This science-backed course covers:

  • The Basic Science of Sleep
  • Actionable Strategies on Improving Sleep
  • Sleep Hygiene & Environment
  • Substances & Sleep Aids
  • Work & Sleep

All participants also receive a comprehensive resource package.

EWI Works’ Job Demands Analysis (JDA) services are vital in addressing workplace challenges, as highlighted by these statistics:

  • Workplace Injuries and Illnesses: In 2022, there was a 7.5% increase in nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in the U.S., totaling 2.8 million cases [U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021-2022].
  • Employee Satisfaction and Productivity: Stress from mismatched job demands leads to high costs in absenteeism, disability, and staff turnover. However, investments in healthy workplace initiatives show a positive cost-benefit ratio [].
  • Increase in Psychological Injury Claims: The Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) reported a rise in psychological injury claims, from 174 in 2017 to 238 in 2021. This increase underscores the need for specialized services and support for workers facing psychological challenges [CTV News].
  • Rising Mental Disorder Claims: In 2021, WorkSafeBC received 6,532 mental disorder claims, reflecting the growing recognition of mental health issues in the workplace. The pandemic and other stressors have intensified these challenges, as indicated by the increase in claims among nurses from 496 in 2019 to 784 in 2021 [OHS Canada Magazine].

EWI Works’ JDAs aim to enhance workplace safety and return to work by aligning job demands with employee capabilities, thereby reducing injuries and improving work conditions.

PoseChecker Industry

Is your desk ergonomically set up?

Are you experiencing back or shoulder pain at work? Use our Workstation Setup Checklist to ensure that you’re set up for success. Click through our diagram to see what factors we consider when setting up an office work station and follow our directions on how to set your desk up.


Office and industrial assessments focus on identification of ergonomic concerns.
These can potentially lead to worker discomfort, injury, and loss.

Online Training

On demand industry-specific training.
This will help your employees manage ergonomic concerns within their workplace.

In-Person Training

Designed specifically for office, lab, manufacturing or field staff.
This will help employees identify ergonomic concerns and strategies to minimize their risk for injury.

Ergonomics Apps

User-friendly ergonomics apps for everyone.
And made easily accessible at your fingertips!

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