We offer a full range of ergonomic services and online training programs strategically suited to fit your unique injury prevention and productivity needs.

Office Ergonomic Assessments

Office assessments include group and individual assessments, as well as design and equipment recommendations for any type of office space.

Remote Work Ergonomic Services

Using the latest tech, we can perform ergonomic assessments at any workstation, regardless of location!

Job Demand Analysis

We analyze staff tasks and workflows and provide solutions for employees for experience pain or discomfort.


PoseChecker is a vision-based motion capture software that uses AI-based computer vision algorithms to track body movements for ergonomic analysis. By feeding a video recording of the task into the web-based software, organizations can track and evaluate the ergonomic risks of their operations without the need for any sensors or equipment.

Wellness Education

Our health and safety at work is intricately tied to how we spend personal time. Workplace wellness initiatives can’t stop when you clock out. Our wellness education services address this head on, so you can become healthier, happier, and more productive both at work and at home. Learn more about Sleep, Movement, Nutrition, and more!

In-Person Training

Various levels of in-person training for any industry to help your team maintain an injury-free workplace.

Office Ergonomics Essentials

During this newly revamped two-day course we train your organization’s personnel to conduct basic, in-house office ergonomic assessments, and how to identify and prevent musculoskeletal injuries.

Industrial Ergonomic Assessments

We have specialized experience in the unique challenges of industrial and factory ergonomics, including vibration assessment, footwear, workflows, and lighting.

Return to Work Support

We provide support for employees who have incurred injuries to help them get back to work safely.

Product Design Reviews and Testing

We provide design reviews and key stages in the concept development, workstation design and layout, and furniture selection to ensure ergonomic needs are met.

Ergonomic Program Development

Promote a healthy and productive work environment by implementing an in-house ergonomics program.

Design Reviews

Utilizing 3D CAD modelling to visualize new concepts or complex issues.