Introducing PoseChecker, a simple way to understand and evaluate worksite risk

EWI Works is leveraging its 30+ years serving companies like yours through training, assessment, and intervention services to innovate with a complementary new product. If you are a risk, EHS, or safety manager who struggles to demonstrate employee risk to leadership, PoseChecker is the tool for you. If you are an ergonomist responsible for corporate assessments and risk mitigation, this tool can assist you in diagnosing employee risk.

PoseChecker is a vision-based motion capture software that offers a comprehensive analysis of workplace ergonomics. Grounded in occupational safety science, this easy-to-use, cost-effective solution enables users to carry out accurate risk assessments within the PoseChecker platform to achieve quantified risk scores without requiring expertly knowledge.

Ergonomics Matter

A significant portion of the workforce is challenged with job related risks associated with poor ergonomics. These risks exist in many workplace environments and are commonly identified in manufacturing and healthcare, where the physical demands of the job result in musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). Similarly, these risks also exist in office environments due to the sedentary nature of the work. Regardless of the work environment, PoseChecker can help organizations mitigate risks using a validated, user-friendly platform.

We Make Them Easy To Use Understand Apply

PoseChecker is an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution that enables users to carry out validated risk assessments without requiring expert knowledge. Organizations can easily track and evaluate the ergonomic risks present in the workplace. By inputting a video recording of the task into the web-based software, users can see real-time ergonomic feedback that includes posture analysis and personalized recommendations.

With Accurate And Reliable Results

PoseChecker is able to analyze complex ergonomics scenarios using AI-based computer vision algorithms. These algorithms can process visual data at an unprecedented speed and scale identifying potential risk factors that might go unnoticed in traditional assessments. ergonomic set-ups that can result in immediate improvements in safety and productivity. 

But Is The Problem Really That Bad?

Yes, its a 20 BILLION Dollar Problem

MSDs are a significant source of workplace-related expenses, accounting for approximately one-third of compensation costs in the United States. In Canada, the proportion of compensation claims related to MSDs is even higher, with an increase of 40-68%.
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Why You’d Want PoseChecker.

Leverage AI to Reduce Risk

PoseChecker prevents MSI through validated risk assessments. It provides quantified risk scores and ergonomic risk visualizations without sensors or equipment, enabling speedy risk communication and management.
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Ok, But What Do You Get?

Everything You Need to and Ongoing Support

Dedicated portal for automated review of postural exposure in each video. Access to integrated assessment tools with blur face and background features. One-hour training on the PoseChecker features. Email customer support within 24 hours of request, Monday through Friday. Ongoing access to new features as they become available.
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