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EWI Works consists of a team of professionals bringing together our knowledge in ergonomics to provide you with innovative solutions

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We are founded on principles of integrity, efficiency, and reliability

EWI Works International is a B2B company which provides ergonomic services (assessments, training and program development) and online products (Online training modules, human resource management solutions, and assistive computer-vision assessment software) to help support corporate ergonomic programs in the office and industrial settings.

We support total employee wellness initiatives by identifying physical, psychosocial, individual, and environmental risk factors related to their workplace and offering training and support to help overcome each. 

Many of our clients start by having EWI Works deliver ergonomic assessments and training to manage employees having musculoskeletal discomfort/injury. As organizations mature in their ergonomic programming, many organizations utilize our advanced training to develop internal resources such as assessors or ergonomic teams to support their ongoing ergonomic programs. To further support programs, EWI Works has developed a series of online products to support front-line on-demand training needs and self-help tools to assist employees in addressing immediate concerns while triaging those that require a higher level need for an assessment. For industrial environments, EWI Works provides professional support and has recently developed a markerless motion capture technology to support ergonomic teams to quickly assess a job so they can focus on controls to address identified concerns.  

EWI Works is Founded
Dr. Linda Miller Founds EWI Works

Linda Miller, a certified professional ergonomist, founds EWI Works in 1991 with a vision to provide innovative and effective ergonomic solutions.

1900s - Early 2000s
Establishes Precedence and Grows
EWI Builds its Reputation and Expands

EWI Works grows to become a leading provider of ergonomic services and solutions to businesses in various sectors, such as oil and gas, manufacturing, health care, education, government, and more throughout the 1990s and 2000s. It begins to focus on addressing skills gaps via new training services introduced in 2002.

Late 2000s and Early 2010s
Builds a Specialized Team
The Team Grows!
EWI Works Team 2020

EWI Works builds a team of qualified and experienced ergonomists, kinesiologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and other professionals who work together to provide comprehensive and customized solutions to meet the needs of various client by the early 2010s. EWI Works introduces it first online learning course in 2008.

Mid to Late 2010s
Developments of IP Which Complements Core Services
EWI Leverages Expertise to Innovate

EWI Works hires its CTO (2016). The company begins to invest in creating new innovative tools and resources, such as the EWI Works App (2017), the Break Reminder Tool (2018), Blively Office (2019), and additional online training courses, to help workers and organizations improve their ergonomics awareness and practices.

2019- Present
EWI Works Introduces AI Tools
EWI Works Becomes a Leading Ergonomics Company in Western Canada
Woman sits at a desk, requesting a demo of PoseChecker, EWI Works' vision-based motion capture technology

EWI Works achieves its best performing years in terms of revenue, client satisfaction, and social impact in this time. EWI Works launches PoseChecker, a vision-based motion capture software that uses AI-based computer vision algorithms to track body movements for ergonomic analysis in 2021. PoseChecker becomes a popular and effective tool for risk managers, ergonomists, and workers to assess and mitigate ergonomic risks in various settings.


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