In-Person Training

Understanding the Basics for Office Users

This session is a 60 minute in-person class focused on how to effectively set up the workstation and tasks to minimize discomfort. The class focuses on providing an individual with the information to adjust their own workstation at work or at home. Each individual will gain access to an online self-assessment tool and be given a work relief exercise guide. This session is often followed-up with a walk around to answer questions and provide guidance for those wishing more time with the ergonomist.

Office Ergonomics Essentials

Newly revamped, this two-day course is designed to train an organization’s personnel to conduct basic, in-house office ergonomic assessments. In an interactive, fun, and stimulating environment, participants learn what musculoskeletal injuries are, how to identify them, and how to prevent them. Graduates will be well equipped to immediately implement what they’ve learned into their corporation’s health and safety initiatives. This includes understanding how to manage concerns and risk factors, properly select and adjust furniture, and recognize when a professional ergonomic assessment is needed.

Practical Industrial Ergonomics for Ergonomics Teams

This course is designed to assist in the development of in-house ergonomic teams. This 2 day program is for supervisors, engineers, and members of a health and safety committee. Learn the skills needed to identify probable causes of workplace musculoskeletal injuries and risks in addition to applying ergonomic criteria to new and existing workplaces.

Your ergonomic team will be able to develop hazard prevention and control strategies and implement an ergonomics program. This course is customized to address the specific needs of your organization, utilizing video, pictures and workplace scenarios to enhance the learning experience.

Industrial Ergonomics for Employees

This session, conducted over a 2 to 3 hour period, teaches front line employees working in industrial environments, such as warehouses, factories, labs and utility providers, how to reduce injuries and maximize their comfort and performance while on the job. Workers learn how to apply ergonomic principles to their workstation setup and tasks while understanding the importance of proper body mechanics. After the session, attendees receive a work relief exercise hand out designed specifically for industrial workers.

Other Customized Courses Include:

  • Laboratory Ergonomics for Front-Line Staff
  • Laboratory Ergonomics for Supervisors and Safety Personnel
  • Ergonomics for Engineers
  • Using Ergonomics to Assist in Lean Manufacturing Goals