Taking Control of Sleep

Everybody sleeps, but many of us aren’t sleeping well, especially with current pressures in 2022. In this module, learn how to improve your sleep, the benefits of doing so, and how this impacts other areas of your life such as work. This course is designed for everyone, regardless of how well they sleep or what they know about sleep. Everything we do during the day can affect our sleep that night. After this course, you’ll be ready to take control over this part of your life.

Duration: 20 Minutes
Content: 1 Module
Difficulty: Basic
Price: $35.95

This course is designed for everyone who sleeps! But, particularly those who are struggling with or want to improve their sleep and understand how it relates to the rest of their lives. This science-backed course covers:

  • The Basic Science of Sleep
  • Actionable Strategies on Improving Sleep
  • Sleep Hygiene & Environment
  • Substances & Sleep Aids
  • Work & Sleep

All participants also receive a comprehensive resource package.