Linda recently attended a full day course offered by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists and co-sponsored by the Saskatoon Health Region. The course, “Enabling Occupation Through Universal Design and Home Modification”, was presented by occupational therapist, Kathy Pringle. It covered current findings, funding options and resources for carrying out home assessments and developing renovations or new construction plans to consider in an accessible home environment.

Linda, who always believes in keeping abreast of changes and improvements in ergonomics for our clients, took the course due to recent enquiries we’ve had regarding the home environment. The course illustrated that universal design applied to home environments can be applied to anything involving any type of physical impairment, not just a major physical impairment.

The insights gained into this informative course will be incorporated into the many services that EWI Works offers for our clients. Contact us today to book your assessment: 780-436-0024 or by email at

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