Ever have one of ‘those’ days??

I was meeting with a client yesterday who said “Hey Annie, how would I throw my computer out the window ergonomically?”

I smiled and answered the following:

    1. First, open the window while you have both hands free and check to see no one is below.
    1. Then, pull the computer close to you to reduce the forward reaching demands before you lift.
    1. Lift the computer using both hands, keeping the elbows close to the body and equally distributing the load across your back and arms.
  1. Finally, throw it forward out the window, using equal force on both sides of the body while engaging the core muscles, as well as the upper body to optimize the momentum of the computer and maximize its destruction upon landing.

He thought those were some pretty good tips, and talking it through made him feel a bit better about possibly not throwing it out the window, instead just imagining what the full effect would look like.

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Note: EWI Works does not condone throwing computers out of windows!