Without ErgoConnect, remote ergonomic assessments can be quite the challenge. Ergonomists need to clearly see someone’s work environment and have measurements available before recommending improvements or identifying risks and concerns.

Usually this isn’t a problem. Ergonomists are mobile, visiting worksites all over the world.

ErgoConnect: Remote Ergonomic Assessments for Everyone

But what if someone’s worksite or office isn’t easy to get to? What if your company has staff in multiple locations or working from home?

In this day and age, there’s no reason for anyone to be left out due to where they are.

Everyone should have equipment and workstations that are properly set up and tailored to their unique needs. We all have the right to be comfortable and free from risk of injury at work.

Still, getting certified professionals to certain locations is prohibitively expensive.

The solution is simple: remote ergonomic assessments, or telehealth ergonomics. What does this mean, you’re wondering?

It means a certified ergonomist will assess your workplace without physically being in it with you. But, to make this the most effective, efficient, and accurate, we need to take advantage of the latest tech. That’s why we developed ErgoConnect, which, we’re proud to announce, is also now available in French!

ErgoConnect is Available in French and English

Inside the app, you first complete a questionnaire that collects basic demographic information and discomfort concerns. This helps the ergonomist prepare for the assessment, just as if they were doing it in person.

Next, ErgoConnect directs you to take key photos of your workstation from certain views and angles. After this, you propose convenient dates and times for a real-time video conference assessment.

Lastly, ErgoConnect sends all the collected photos, information, and data directly to the ergonomist! Assessments in French are done in collaboration with our francophone partners.

Consider a remote ergonomic assessment for your workplace – it’s never been easier. They are just as effective as in-person assessments, while also being more time efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly.

And remember, a comfortable workstation is a productive workstation.

Download ErgoConnect free on the App Store or Play Store, and more information is available here. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at info@ewiworks.com if you have any questions!

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