EWI Works has been completing remote office ergonomic assessments since 2018, long before the pandemic made them commonplace. In fact, while COVID health measures were in place, the majority of our office assessments were completed remotely. Although we were happy to see people in-person once businesses opened up again, we continue to complete lots of remote assessments.

A Streamlined Approach to Office Ergonomic Assessments

Our approach to completing office ergonomics assessments has evolved over time. Based on client feedback, we have moved away from using an app to collect data. Now clients are sent a link to a website where they answer a few questions, and upload two or three pictures. As long as you have someone to take a couple photos of you seated at your desk, we are able to help you with the rest of the process. Next, we schedule an online meeting where we complete the assessment, just the same as if we were sitting beside you in your office.

It is worthwhile considering some of the benefits of remote assessments.

Benefits of Remote Office Ergonomic Assessments

  1. Cost – Every service and product we purchase is getting more expensive. At EWI Works, our remote assessments cost less than in-person assessments. We save time by not needing to travel to and from your site, and that time saved is reflected in the lower cost of a remote assessment. If your organization is looking to save money, the switch to remote assessments is one way to achieve that goal!
  2. Environment – By not using a vehicle to commute from our office to yours, we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and the environment wins.
  3. Consistency – If your company has multiple sites in different places, having one consultancy complete all your assessments remotely allows for greater consistency across your locations.
  4. Privacy – As organizations continue to adopt a hybrid work model, there is often a need to complete assessments in home offices. For a variety of reasons, it’s simpler if consultants don’t need to enter private homes to complete office assessments. A remote assessment only requires pictures of the immediate work area. No need to tidy up just because someone is coming over to visit!
  5. Equity – Prior to the pandemic, we had clients who were reluctant to do remote assessments if they had some of their sites receiving in-person assessments. They were concerned that those being assessed remotely were not receiving the same level of service. EWI is confident the outcomes of remote and in-person assessments are equivalent. Whether your organization moves fully to remote assessments, or pursues a mix of both, you are creating equity for your employees.
  6. No Access Issues – Completing the assessment remotely eliminates the need to jump through any hoops for access to your office. The client doesn’t have to meet us at reception and bring us to their desk, and we don’t need to register for a visitor card or try to remember to drop it off when we leave!
  7. Quicker Scheduling – We are generally able to schedule remote assessments quicker than in-person assessments. All our consultants are trained in completing remote assessments, so once we have your information it shouldn’t take long to get it penciled in!


If you have questions about our remote assessments, don’t hesitate to reach out to info@ewiworks.com or call our office at 780-436-0024. You can also follow this link to find out which remote service is right for you!