This year as we come together on April 28th at Alberta’s 2017 Day of Mourning, we reflect on the high cost that 144 men and women have paid in 2016. That’s 144 lives lost to injury or illness and that does not even reflect those lives irreparably changed due to a life-changing injury. For this reason, we must consider all we can do to put an end to illness, injury, and death at the workplace because we all have the right to return home to our families alive and free of injury each day.

Here at EWI Works we work with employers in a variety of industries and settings to make the workplace safer by empowering employers and employees alike to identify and prevent musculoskeletal injuries (MSI, also known as sprains and strains) because injuries affect the worker and their colleagues not just at the workplace, but also at home. We teach workers and supervisors how to identify the signs and symptoms of MSI early on to prevent a chronic injury. We then advise employers and employees how to identify & mitigate MSI risks and hazards using customized strategies such as ergonomic assessments, job coaching, and education sessions.

At EWI Works we feel passionate about preventing injuries and our heart goes out to all the friends and families affected by loss this past year. We also extend our support to those injured on the job and wish to aid in your return to the workplace or your quest to stay at work.

Please pause April 28th to reflect on those 144 workers who were lost this past year and those living with occupational illness or injury. If you wish to attend a Day of Mourning Ceremony, please go to for a times and locations near you. Please recommit today and everyday toward preventing workplace deaths and injuries.