Is your organization considering a green building project? One rating system gaining prominence world-wide is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The primary goal of LEED is to promote building practices that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy for its building occupants (USGBC, 2012). If you are considering LEED certification, you may find it interesting that having an ergonomics strategy is now recognized by LEED.

Recently, LEED developed a pilot credit under the Innovation in Design category. Pilot credit 44 – Ergonomics Strategy is applicable to a number of the project types including: New Construction, Schools, Retail – New Construction, Healthcare, Commercial Interiors, Retail – Commercial Interiors and Existing Buildings: Operation & Maintenance. As the green building continues to take hold in Canada and the United States, it is exciting to see that rating systems such as LEED continue to acknowledge the importance of occupant health. If you would like to see the pilot credit description, go to the following link:

An ergonomic consultant can assist you in gaining this credit for LEED certification. If you are interested in gaining this pilot credit, consult your local listing for ergonomists. In Canada, a good resource is the Association of Canadian Ergonomists. EWI Works, with two offices in Edmonton and Calgary, has experienced, Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomists who can assist you in developing an ergonomic strategy to apply for the credit and help make your building green.