It is common for Ergonomists to work cooperatively with vendors and/or directly with manufacturers to help their clients address their needs. Ergonomists are able to identify ergonomic hazards, as well as criteria for the equipment necessary to address those hazards. Vendors and manufacturers are able to provide the equipment.

EWI Works recently partnered with Bob Attwell – Regional Sales Manager from the USSC Group to provide training to a mutual client. The USSC Group designs and manufactures seating for Transit, the Military and other vehicles.

Mr. Attwell presented on the many features of the USSC seat, how the adjustments work, best practices for maintenance and how to get the most life cycle out of the seat. EWI Works presented on how to setup the seat for driving, the science behind why it is important to setup properly, and tips to improve driver comfort. In this case the manufacturer was able to provide the ‘how to adjust’ and the ergonomist was able to provide the ‘why to adjust’.

Manufacturers and vendors know their product better than anyone else. Ergonomists understand how the features of a given product can best support people in the work they do. By working together they can provide their mutual clients the best understanding of how a product works, and why an end-user should make use of a product.