In one of our past issues of our newsletter, the Ergonomic Wire, we wrote an article on how to develop a training course that not only engages your staff, but one that they find applicable to their working environment. One of the key points was relevance. Repeatedly, EWI Works has proved that making a course more relevant to the participants will enhance understanding and memory retention. Our clients’ employees always leave the session knowing exactly how to put the ideas in place. Based on course evaluations from the participants and manager’s comments, we know that the health and safety messages were clearly understood and the course extremely effective.

So this in mind, why not apply this theory to lunch and learn sessions? It is one thing to believe that a lunch and learn session will benefit your staff and organization, but your employees need to feel that it was useful and worth attending. Generic sessions that cover such topics as symptoms and causes of discomfort, how to set up your workstation properly, and tips to work more comfortably, are a great start. However, have you considered any issues specific to your organization? Is there a common issue that keeps surfacing in your workplace that needs to be addressed? Ask the presenter to incorporate special concerns in the presentation and demonstrate solutions unique to your workplace setting. Consider using your corporate logos and photos of your actual workplace in the learning materials and presentation. Witness your staff nodding in agreement during the session and listen to the flurry of chatter at the conclusion of the seminar.

Put the “aha!” factor into your next lunch and learn session and have your staff feel like they have learned something new and can utilize the information at work and at home. Contact us to find out how we can help you develop a lunch and learn session that your staff find valuable.

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