EWI Works is facilitating a new half-day ergonomics workshop. It is now an approved elective for the training program of the Alberta Food Processors Association’s (AFPA) new formal health and safety designation, Food and Beverage Health and Safety Officer (FBHSO).

Alberta Food Processors Association Embraces Ergonomics

This unique designation is aimed specifically at health and safety professionals working in Alberta’s Food Processing industry. Successful FBHSO applicants must complete five mandatory AFPA-COR program courses, two full-day elective workshops (or four half-day elective workshops), attain a grade of at least 80% on the final exam, and maintain professional development credits. In October 2017, I facilitated two half-day workshops focused on Preventing Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSIs), with an emphasis placed on scenarios encountered in food processing environments. Through EWI Works’ partnership with the AFPA, the workshops were attended by 33 association members in Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding area. Attendees work for a variety of large and small food processing businesses in Alberta and came from various departments (e.g. sanitation, food service, packaging, distribution, warehouse, logistics, quality, human resources, safety, etc.). The half-day workshop covered: – Hazards due to poor ergonomics. – Upper extremity anatomy and physiology. – Using a primary screening tool. – Food processing case studies – Food-safe interventions that work for workers of different statures – A list of more than 40 tried and true interventions for preventing upper extremity injuries In 2018, we will offer another half-day workshop focused on Low Back Pain and Fatigue Prevention. Stay tuned!
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