One of our contacts from Humantech, Blake McGowan, alerted us to an article published in the Globe and Mail regarding the aging workforce (article). The article addresses the concern the Canadian Government has over rising healthcare and retirement benefits costs with its increasing population of citizens reaching the retirement age. It also notes the lack of younger workers to be able to support the current system. Facing this issue could mean raising the retirement age – which in turn means an increase in an aging population in the workforce.

Organizations – both industrial and office environments – are already seeing the impact of an increase in the aging workforce. In addition to the retirement age being raised, people are working longer – well past the “65” year mark for several reasons ranging from wanting to continue to work to keep busy or to be able to afford the rising cost of living.

While there is a positive impact in an older workforce such as workers who are more experienced and knowledgeable, there are particular needs that should be addressed. Are you prepared for the unique issues that should address an aging workforce in your company? Then you will want to attend the 10th Annual Alberta Health & Safety Conference in Calgary to listen to Blake McGowan’s presentation on October 25th, “Ergonomics and the Aging Populations: Risks and Design Guidelines“.

McGowan, a Certified Professional Ergonomist and Managing Consultant, Ergonomics Engineer with Humantech,  will cover topics that address decreases in production performance and increases in quality errors. McGowan promises that participants will learn how to identify ergonomic concerns and how to ready their organization to accommodate the aging population.

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