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Our valued clients consider us ally to their businesses, protecting them from ergonomic risks, increasing productivity, keeping their people safe and comfortable, and good for the bottom line. Some of our clients include:

EWI Works has been an excellent resource for providing ergonomic solutions from control room design to industrial process changes to tool and equipment changes. The EWI team has also conducted comprehensive job demands analysis incorporating other aspects of the health and safety management system related to the physical environment and required controls such as PPE. The JDA’s have helped with determining fitness for work from a hiring perspective and from an accommodation perspective, either for modified work or permanent accommodation, by providing objective data related to the demands of the job. The EWI team is highly recommended for their expert knowledge and quality service.

Alma Rachansky, RN, COHN(C)
Occupational Health Nurse

Production and Processing
Enerflex Ltd.

EWI works has helped our Edmonton offices look for ways to enhance our ergonomic program for all employees. The EWI professionals treat every employee as an individual and look for a solution to fit the worker. A number of key employees have had the great opportunity to go through the EWI two day ergonomic workshop, this has given them the knowledge and confidence to assist in doing proactive assessments.

Thank you EWI for the high quality, professional service you continue to provide to our offices.

Ruth O'Haire
Lead HSE Coordinator

Stantec Consulting - Edmonton Capital Region

Timeliness of services and response time are exceptional.

Their Ergonomist’s are leading the Industry in both education and experience. Very detailed analysis with creative and innovative solutions - no cookie cut approaches

Heather Yanick, BPE
Rehabilitation and WorkLife Consultant

Health Promotion and WorkLife Services Staff Programs
Human Resource Services
University of Alberta