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EWI Works consists of a team of professionals, bringing together many skills, much experience and a great deal of passion for creating innovative & effective solutions that make a real difference.

Who we are

EWI Works is a Canadian occupational ergonomics company. Founded in 1991 on the principles of integrity, efficiency and reliability, EWI Works continues to provide innovative ergonomic services and solutions to businesses locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Approach

At EWI Works, occupational ergonomics is our core business. Our commitment to providing effective solutions, rather than just simply identifying issues, has allowed EWI Works to stand apart from other service providers. Our approach to ergonomics is innovative, and evidence based yet practical and made for the real world. Our goal is to understand your company and its needs then use our expertise to put ergonomics to work for your business in the most efficient way. We know that for any solution to work it must be well received by management and embraced by staff

We strive to continuously improve and refine our services and product offerings to surpass expectations and lead the way in ergonomics.


The first step in a successful ergonomics initiative is understanding the current needs. EWI Works assists your leadership group in developing a solid understanding of the current situation. This includes the development of agreed-upon goals and strategies to move the initiative forward.


The plan guides the identification of ergonomic issues and successful resolution throughout the process. Feasibility is tested and implementation takes place, guided by the plan.


Once the goals and strategies have been identified, a plan of action is developed with the leadership team to guide the process to help obtain and secure management commitment to the project. The plan details goals, objectives, steps to achieve the desired outcomes and expectations of all involved.


Once the initiative is in place, EWI Works assists the organization to ensure goals have been met and sustainability is achieved. This often involves re-examining the intervention at specified points in time, which may require continued refinement of the initiative to ensure it works.