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Changing a valve? The ‘Flange Hanger’ will eliminate the need to hold it in place, reducing strain on your body.

At the Alberta Health & Safety Conference ( held this past October in Banff I had the opportunity to meet James Courtenay, President of Flange Hanger. Prior to his current role Mr. Courtenay owned a maintenance and construction company that served the oil field. He has worked in the oil and gas field, specifically providing maintenance and operating equipment for 14 years. Mr. Courtenay explained that over his career, he had injured his back more than once. He found one of the most difficult tasks to be changing a flange or valve. Quite often the valve was heavy, it needed to held in an awkward position (high or low to the ground), and it needed to be held for an extended period of time while the bolts were put in place.

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Evaluating the feasibility of restrictions – how an Ergonomist can help

Returning an injured worker to their job is often a complex process. Ideally there are two critical pieces on information. 1) A complete and up to date Job Demands Analysis (JDA) that has been verified by key people within the organization; 2) A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) has been completed on the employee to determine their capabilities and subsequently what their Return to Work (RTW) restrictions are.

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