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Parenting Ergonomics – Baby-Holding Tension Neck Syndrome

The new mother sits in her rocking chair cradling her infant in her arms, gazing lovingly down at her sleeping babe: The picture perfect scenario of the joy of motherhood.

However, I would fathom a guess that this mother is also likely in pain.

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Parenting Ergonomics: "Burping Wrist"

So what does an ergonomist think about in the wee hours of the morning while nursing her newborn?  Ergonomics, of course. As a diehard “ergo nerd” I find it hard to turn off my inclination to analyze everything around me, attempting to optimize performance and reduce injury risk. So why not parenting? I think that there can be a lot of lessons learned: from MMH (manual mini-me handling), to applying ergonomic design principles on the nursery layout, to using my personal anthropometrics in design of the nursery and selecting furniture.  These were things I thought about before our first child was born.  What I didn’t anticipate, however, was developing musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs). Over a series of blog posts (keep an eye for updates under “Parenting Ergonomics” in the coming weeks and months), I would like to review some of my experiences and specific MSI issues related to parenting.

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