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Psst…can we talk? Mental health in the workplace and initiating change

​Mental health problems or illness is one of the top three drivers leading to short or long term disability claims in Canada, according to the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of mental health issues in the workplace needs to be a top priority for all. Learn to recognize signs of mental illness in a co-worker, friend or even yourself with these helpful tips.
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The Blue Light Special

​I use my iPhone before bed to research projects and read the news. Who am I kidding, the reality is, I’m on Instagram and playing candy crush! But I can’t sleep. Researchers have indicated that blue light from these devices before bed might be bad for sleep. What is blue light? Blue Light occurs naturally in our environment. In fact, blue light is responsible for the color of the sky. But not all blue light is created equal. Artificial blue light is emitted from iPhones, tablets, computers etc. and has higher concentrations of blue light versus natural light. Researchers have identified the blue light emitted from these devices has an alerting effect and disrupts circadian rhythms.
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