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Ergo Tools

Office ergonomic tools
Workstation Setup Check

1. Monitor height is slightly lower than eye level and 18"–36" from eyes
2. Monitor and document stand are at same distance from eyes
3. Keyboard and mouse are beside one another and at the same height
4. Wrists are straight
5. Shoulders are low and back
6. Backrest is adjusted to provide lumbar support
7. Knees are bent at 60°–90°
8. Feet are supported either on the floor or on a footrest
9. You have taken a microbreak in the last 30 minutes
10. You have altered your work position within the last hour

EWI Works' New Self Assessment Tool

A big thank you to the partners and clients who helped us develop our new and improved self assessment tool - launched today. The new and improved tool is still free to use but features sleeker graphics, is more interactive, user-friendly, and addresses current issues such as dual monitors and laptops! Better still, our clients have the option of purchasing collected data from the questionnaires to help determine common issues in the workplace. Contact us for more information!

Industrial ergonomic tools

The following industrial ergonomic design principles and checklists are available for free download to help with the design and evaluation of manual materials handling tasks in your workplace.

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